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Hello ........Welcome to Aquarists Reunited - the site where you can contact old "fishy" friends, find information on clubs that are no longer functioning, or indeed add information for all to view


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We have been asked to make the following announcement by IFOCAS, The International Federation of Online Clubs and Aquatic Societies:

Dear Aquarists,

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that The Custom Aquarium Company Ltd and its representative, Mr. Peter Newman are not members of the International Federation of Online Aquatic Societies (IFOCAS) as implied by their placing our membership logo on their website, They have repeatedly been requested to withdraw this logo and all requests have been met with a torrent of abuse, lies , false claims, and threats of litigation - strange behaviour indeed for somebody who purports to love our hobby in threatening such a body as ours.
Mr. Peter Newman was asked over two yeas ago to remove our logo from his then company's website, Justmarine.co.uk. He has had a series of companies over the last few years all of whom seem to use the same website with a mere change of header. We can assure all fishkeepers that although we have over 9,000+ members this is the very first time we have had to ban any applications in perpetuity from any body or company in our twelve year history. Our site at www.IFOCAS.org  carries further details . For a sample of Mr. Newman's abuse just visit his website and see what he has to say about our organization - we must be really evil!
Basically we would ask that any body using our membership as a sales tool be prepared to show enquirers a full and up to date membership certificate which is issued to all bona fide trade members.

In response to our appeal below, Peter Capon of the Southend and Dist A.S. has sent us a 1949 copy of this list - Many thanks Peter

"WANTED: In the mid 50's the Aquarist and Pondkeeper magazine published a fish club directory. Has anyone anywhere got a copy?"

It's the "holy grail" for the UK research team trying to find all the old UK clubs.

Interesting but true fact:

The Blair Aquatic Club was formed in Islington, London in 1949 - Before the currently famous Blair was even born!

(Note the location - coincidence?)

Which Club Owns/Owned this very rare badge??

(Still no ideas after six months!)

Badges of the Month  
Bethnal Green Badge Bethnal Green Aquatic Society, London



Worksop Aquarists and Zoological Society. Our first record is in 1949

 Remember - we need YOUR CLUB BADGE TOO

DO NOT BUY DYED FISH! Its cruel and they can slowly die of cancer!

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The International Federation IFOCAS IS AGAINST THE PRACTICE OF SELLING DYED FISH - Follow this link for further details.

This is a  new site - with a new concept. Many of you will already be familiar with lots of aquatic and fishkeeping sites and information pages. There are also one or two excellent club and society directories online for clubs and groups CURRENTLY in operation. This site is dedicated exclusively to those groups that "were" but are no longer, with us, and the aquarists, biologists and ichthyologists of days gone by who were active members of these groups. We hope to enable all these fishkeepers and related discipline enthusiasts to contact or re-contact all of the old friends and colleagues they may have lost contact with during the intervening period. News is welcomed from all, so, that said

Welcome to the home page for The Aquarists Reunited Project. 

Golden Rule No. 1. Browse the site to see if the data you are looking for, or are thinking of adding, is already here somewhere. Sometimes busy people have several aquatic interests and may be listed in another category.

Golden Rule No.2  If you cannot find any mention of those you are seeking fill in the data application form with as much information as possible - don't worry too much about the final input as we will try to sort and organize the data once the form gets to us. The "Listed to Date" link gives a list of reported sites having their data pages constructed. They are shown in order of receipt. PLEASE DO NOT use this form for data on active and current clubs or your club will get listed as defunct or closed.Data on existing and current clubs and fishkeepers should be sent to IFOCAS - click the word IFOCAS to email them.

Please Note  Since many of these clubs have come and gone, U.K. county boundaries have changed. Our listings for example, for the West Midlands include Birmingham and part of Worcestershire. Yorkshire is subdivided but we would suggest checking all Yorkshire areas in your search. Somerset is listed but Bristol is in Avon.

Individual's e-mail addresses are give as links on their names within the group sites unless we have been requested to withold them, then the link will be to Aquarists Reunited, who will relay any message for you.To avoid idiots collecting email addressses and sending us all lots of unwanted junk,or spam, we are showing our email address as: 

Email by clicking this link

  Like all new web projects we need all the help and assistance we can get, so if you are handy with web sites and construction details - as well as being a "fishkeeper" of course, then this is your webspace. Memorabilia can also be scanned onto the site - for a couple of examples see the column on the left of this text.

We will not be actively linking to any other non-archive sites. though Contributors are welcomed and urged  to add links to their web sites and email addresses within their contributions. We are compiling a page of sites recommended by contributors for you to visit- go to Recommendations

Badge  indicates we have an actual club badge in our recently started National Badge Archive

North Kent A.S.

Arbroath A.S

North-of-Scotland A.S.

Strood and District A.S.

Possibly Leeds A.S.?


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The "Most Wanted" Spot      

Dick Mills has kindly identified our mystery badge above as one issued by The Aquarist and Pondkeeper magasine - Many thanks. 

Dick has a LONG memory - we have just verified this badge was minted in 1953!

We have also just acquired an Aquarist and Pondkeeper "Best in Show" badge and a Mitcham A.S. badge (South London, UK) together with a large supply of 50's and 60's issues of Aquarist and Pondkeeper from which we shall archive the society and club data as soon as possible.We also have all of the early 80's A.& P.'s

NEW Feature: Fish Club badge corner: We are attempting to  set up an archive of fish and aquarium club badges before they and many of their owners are lost in the course of time.....


All badges will be illustrated and listed next to the club details but this may take a week or three. In the last few months we have had LOTS of badges coming in but a lot of them are untraceable to their original clubs - we need help here!!

Use the form on this link to supply AR with any information  


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